The Amant Residency Siena is designed for artists and researchers from all disciplines to focus on their practice. Participants are encouraged to cultivate new directions in their work surrounded by a community of peers in a non-urban setting. The residency is located in the hilltop village of Chiusure, half an hour from Siena, overlooking the ancient valley of the crete senesi, clay sediments that create a dramatic, almost-lunar landscape. Situated near the Unesco Heritage site of the Abby of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, famous for its early Renaissance frescoes, executed by Luca Signorelli and Sodoma between 1498 and 1505. The residency welcomes applications from emerging artists of promising talent and from others with professional standing in their field. Applications are welcome from creative practitioners and academics in a variety of disciplines: writers, composers, visual artists, screenwriters, curators, art historians and theorists, and other professionals working at the research stage of a project. The residency is self-led and we encourage dialogue and collaboration between the participants.
Mission Amant provides interdisciplinary artists, institutions and researchers a platform for creative collaboration, exchange and exploration. Through its residencies it aims to provide artists, researchers and other practitioners a unique opportunity to have the time to develop work in a different setting. Through its exhibitions and live events it delivers an inspiring contemporary arts programme.
About Amant is a private arts organization that fosters innovation and dialogue across international locations. Amant operates in the East Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York and in proximity to Siena in the hamlet of Chiusure in the Tuscan countryside. In Brooklyn it provides studio residencies, exhibition, performance and culinary spaces to those working within the creative field. In Chiusure it offers accommodation and studio space to focus on specific projects and access to Renaissance monuments. Amant offers community engagement and education through exhibitions, academic and cultural partnerships, artist talks and other forms of programming that explore and expand the field of contemporary art. Lonti Ebers is its founder and CEO. Dr Ilaria Puri Purini is Curator, overseeing the Residency Programme. The Amant campus was designed by SO – IL, an internationally recognized firm led by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu.
Opening 2020
For general inquiries:
932 Grand St.
315 Maujer St.
306 Maujer St.
Brooklyn, NY
Amant Brooklyn Objectives
  • Develop an environment that supports practices in the visual, performing and culinary arts.
  • Establish a residency programme for international artists who are not New York based.
  • Provide a venue for the performing arts and develop programming including talks and screenings for the broader public.
  • Provide an exhibition space that reflects the current narratives and activities of contemporary art.
  • Create a chef’s studio and cafe that nourishes and educates the residents and the community.
  • Foster a generative culture for and between visiting artists working in different media.
  • Develop relationships locally and internationally to encourage dialogues in the creative field.
Amant Siena Objectives
  • Provide accommodation and studio space for interdisciplinary international researchers and artists.
  • Foster experimentation and collaboration throughout the residency period.
  • Establish networks with nearby institutions to broaden the range of exchanges.
  • Provide access to nearby sightseeing.