Mission Amant provides artists, institutions and curators a platform for creative collaboration, exchange and exploration.
About Amant is a private arts organization in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. It provides studio residencies, exhibition, performance and culinary spaces to those working within the creative field. Amant offers community engagement and education through exhibitions, academic and cultural partnerships, artist talks and other forms of programming that explore and expand the field of contemporary art. Lonti Ebers is its founder and CEO. The Amant campus was designed by SO – IL, an internationally recognized firm led by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu.
  • Provide an accessible environment that supports experimental practices in the visual and culinary arts.
  • Foster a communal and generative culture for and between visiting artists working in different media.
  • Maintain a venue for contemporary performance, lectures, screenings and programming for residents and the broader public.
  • Establish a public gallery specifically dedicated to hosting national and international exhibitions from small to mid-level contemporary art institutions in partnership with Amant.
  • Create a chef’s studio and cafe that feeds and educates the residents and larger community.
  • Cultivate partnerships with local schools and community organizations that encourage a broader understanding of and appreciation for artistic processes and contemporary discourses across creative media.
  • Shape a social network in Brooklyn that promotes a culture of tolerance, diversity and inclusion.
Opening 2020
For general inquiries: contact@amant.org
932 Grand St.
315 Maujer St.
306 Maujer St.
Brooklyn, NY